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PitchBah2021 by OOZE

We know it’s been a chaotic year end of 2021.

With less time on school and campus, zoom fatigue and some going back to school soon—we want to make sure you have enough time to put finishing touches on those PitchBAH 2021 Competition applications.

The new deadline is Sunday, NOVEMBER 21, 2021.

It is not compulsory for participants to join the competition in a team, they can now join INDIVIDUALLY.

We can’t wait to see your big ideas.

About Pitch BAH! Competition

Pitch Bah! is the flagship event of OOZE since its launch. It is a pitching competition that drives teenage entrepreneurs to the next level through meaningful connections, resources, and transformative feedback.


Networking session

Opportunity to network with sponsors, collaborations, reps from accelerators, investors, mentors and Malaysian society representatives.

Valuable insights and feedback

During 10 hours Intensive Training Session, each teams will obtain valuable feedbacks from panel of evaluators about their presentation.

Post-event supports

We will be holding more programmes for participants to join. Also, post-event financial and technical support as well as free / exclusive marketing tools by collaborators will be available to participants.