Sabah Creative Economy and Innovation Centre (SCENIC)

Sabah Creative Economy and Innovation Centre (SCENIC) is an initiative under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation Sabah (KSTI). This initiative was approved by the Sabah Cabinet in August 2019 and it aimes to accelerate industries in Sabah through entrepreneurship, technology, innovation and creativity.

SCENIC focuses on executing programmes via 3 pillars – creative industry, technology and innovation, and startup development in Sabah. We are looking at accelerating and innovating 7 core areas in Sabah – creative media, digital skills, and talents, manufacturing industrial 4.0, tourism, smart agricultural, mobile technology, and game development using digital tools such as AR/VR, artificial intelligence, internet of things, big data analytics, animation and filming, and robotics.


To accelerate industries in Sabah through technology, innovation and creativity, and collaboration with various stakeholders in the ecosystem


To build high economy and accelerating industries in Sabah via :

  1. Nurturing startups, creative talents, makers, innovators through inclusive capacity building initiatives
  2. Connecting globally competent talents to various stakeholders to help accelerate industries in Sabah
  3. Funnel latest technology, innovation to increase productivity in the industries
  4. Collaborating with stakeholders in the ecosystem to create greater impact
  5. Cultivating creative and innovative ecosystem in Sabah across all sectors